*Info Tech Academy*

Information Technology Academy - Mr. Howell (Academy Lead)
The Information Technology Academy is a CPA and Perkins funded Academy. Students in the Academy are offered multiple entry level technological classes as well as college-prep and career pathways education.

Teachers - Departments/Specialties
Mr. Barber - Virtual Business, Economics 📧
Ms. Bekker - Music
Mr. Cossio - English, Film
Mr. Howell - English, Debate Team, Academy Lead 📧
Mr. Jones - Mathematics
Mr. Kyaw - Science
Mr. Mills - Social Studies
Dr. Morris - English
Mr. Nanoski - Science, Environmental, Academic Decathlon
Mr. Offorka - Mathematics
Ms. Parker - Art, Leadership
Mr. Scanlan - Computers,  Technology/Web Design, Robotics Club
Ms. H. Garcia- Academy Counselor
Academy Assistant: Luis Ortiz